In ancient Greece, a man asked his peers:"How can such a small baby bull grow up to be so muscular and heavy, so fast, without breaking its own legs?".

As his peers where philosophers, it wasn't the first time ideas and theories where exchanged. Till one of them said:
"I'll do it."
That man was about to test their "wild" ideas to put an end to it once and for all. He commited to see if progressive improvement is natures silent way for all great forces.. they thought.

At the birth of a baby bull, he would take it on his shoulders, carry it down to the public place where his peers met daily. He would rest, and go back up to his house where he also worked. He would do so everyday.

Many months have passed, the bull being now an adult, and despite it's weight, the man was still carrying up and down to the public place.

This man commited to a simple task, a burden getting heavier each day a little bit more. His body becoming stronger a little bit more at a time. Nothing else changed... yet EVERYTHING did!

Progressive improvement does not require a lot of time, nor effort, nor focus. But you must keep doing it for it to work. It is the same driving force behind obsession, addiction, passion, euphoria and fear.

Your move.